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  • We recently closed our Casa Linda location to become a Mobile Art Business---Now We Come to YOU! 
  • The website is still being updated, so check back in a week or so to see what's new.
  • If you still need to pick up your pottery items from this summer, call 214-821-8383 to arrange delivery.  (Art that is not claimed by September 1, 2015 will be "creatively donated")
  • Artistic Gatherings still meets for Lakeside Spruce Up at White Rock Lake on the 2nd Saturday of each month.  We meet at 8am in front of the For The Love Of The Lake office in Casa Linda Plaza (near Another Broken Egg).  Call ahead so we know you're coming.  There is so much nature-disturbing trash that collects at the sure makes clean-up faster and easier with extra help.  THE LAKE NEEDS YOUR TLC.  Come join us!  All Ages!  Thank you!  (Even 30 minutes of your time would be awesome.)


Kim's Note  -  July 2015

Monthly Musings about Life and Art by Kim Worthington

It’s been 3 weeks since I closed my shop in Casa Linda.  At first, I wondered how I could deal with not going to my studio every day—how I would deal with the pain I felt about the loss of what seemed to be my entire identity.  As I sit here this morning at 5:15, however, I am struck by how much joy, freedom, and anticipation I feel about having this opportunity to spend more time and energy as an artist.  Indeed, I will miss many aspects of having my little shop, especially my sweet customers dropping in to say hello.  I think the old saying is true, though—“everything has a season.”  What a bountiful 11-year season Artistic Gatherings had in Casa Linda!  And now, as a mobile art business, it will thrive and expand in brand new ways.  As will I.  And you.  It’s so weird—and cool—how quickly life can change…how, seemingly instantly, everything is different.  I guess it’s like learning to play guitar or learning a language—after many hours, weeks, months, years of practice, it “seems” like we magically grasp complete facility during a glowing moment of pure brilliance.  And on the flip side, when we feel stuck / inadequate / frustrated while working toward a goal, it only “seems” like we’re not making good progress.  We ARE!  Our brilliance is simply in its developmental stage, not fully formed yet.  Ahhhh, relief. :)    - Kim


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Kim the Artist

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Drawing Lessons for Any Age                                                          

Private Lessons in Your Home:  $60 per hour---$55 per hour if you pay for 10 hours in advance (save $50).  Supplies are provided for the 1st lesson; student provides own supplies thereafter.  There is no travel fee if your home is within 5 miles of Hexter Elementary, otherwise the fee is $2 per mile over 5 miles, per lesson.

Group Drawing Lessons:  $60 per hour plus $12 for each additional person participating in the lesson---$55 per hour plus $10 for each additional person if you pay for 10 hours in advance (save $50+).  Supplies are provided for the 1st lesson; students provide own supplies thereafter.  There is no travel fee if your location is within 5 miles of Hexter Elementary, otherwise the fee is $2 per mile over 5 miles, per lesson.

Lessons will cover the basics of getting a drawing started—air drawing, laying in basic shapes, feather-light sketching—as well as develop the drawing by shading with a range of values (lights & darks), varying the line pressure and weight, pulling out highlights, etc.  We’ll focus on your particular goals and go at the pace that works best for you.  Some students want to improve their technical skills in order to draw more realistically.  Other students want to express themselves through drawing for the sheer joy of it, without concern for realism.  Others want to take their painting to new heights by giving themselves a drawing foundation, enabling them to more clearly convey the ideas they envision.  And others want to experience drawing as meditation or as a relaxing hobby.  Regardless of why you want to draw, you will be expanded as a person by time spent drawing.  You will begin to see the world differently.  You will notice things that never caught your eye before.  You will be more engaged in the moment…and will savor it a little longer and in ways that will move you.

I will cherish forever the hour I spent drawing my mom while she slept in her hospice bed…the room barely lit as the sun went down…my eyes and heart perfectly in sync as I looked at every beautiful line, shadow, curve of her face.  In that hour, as I truly saw my mother’s eyelashes for the first time in my whole life, t he drawing “skill” I had was transformed into a spiritual experience.  Two days later, my mom died.  Words can not express the love I feel for that little drawing…I feel a direct connection with my mom through it.  It hangs in my home and reminds me daily of the capacity art has to heal, connect, inspire.

Kim Worthington


Parties & Event Workshops for All Ages

We Now Come to YOUR Location!  Your Home, Business, School, Organization, or Out-of-the-ordinary Venue---

Birthday Parties  /  Friendship Socials  /  Team Building  /  Staff Appreciation  / Baby Showers  /  Holiday Gift-making  /  Ornament-making Parties  /  Scout Badges  /  Group Date Nights  /  Group Play Dates  /  Artistic Pot Lucks  /  Auction Projects  /  Wedding Reception Projects  /  Neighborhood Events  /  Whatever You Have in Mind!

2 hours is the average party duration.  Kim can personalize any project with custom artwork or lettering for an additional fee.

Pottery Painting:  Our most popular party option!  Coin banks, boxes, pencil holders, ornaments, mugs, animal figurines, vases, platters, cookie jars, tic-tac-toe, tiles, frames, candleholders, pet dishes, kitchen items, bathroom items and more!  $60 per hour plus $25-$40 per-person fee & tax (cost depends on ceramic items chosen), plus travel fee.*  See list of items on “Pottery Painting” page of this website or let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to get it for you.  Items will be fired and delivered back to host in about a week from the party date; each item will be wrapped and put in a handled bag with the person’s name on it for easy distribution.

Rag Weaving:  Weave with long, torn fabric strips of soft cotton in vibrant colors on a small wooden lap loom.  Relaxing and delightful to the senses.  A great fine motor developer for kids, and an excellent stress-reliever for adults.  Finished weaving is perfect as a hot pad, mini placemat or wall-hanging…it can also be turned into a purse or a pillow, or a bunch of them can be sewn together to make a big rug.  It’s so much fun, you may want to make your own lap loom after the event so you can keep weaving on your own!  $60 per hour plus $20 per-person fee & tax, plus travel fee.*

Clay Sculpture:  Have a project in mind?  Let us know and we’ll accommodate!  Or choose from these projects---1) clay bowl with animal sculpture attached, 2) clay name plaque with sculptural elements, 3) clay clock that really works (additional $12 supply fee), 4) cool cut-out clay candleholder, 5) earthy clay ornaments.  $60 per hour plus $20 per-person fee & tax (for each scheduled date), plus travel fee.*  Note—this option requires 2 dates scheduled 2 weeks apart if you want to be able to paint your fired items with colored glazes and have items re-fired.  A one-date event is fine if you want to paint your fired items on your own using acrylic paints. If no 2nd date is scheduled for color glazing, items will be fired and delivered back to host in about 2 weeks from the party date; each item will be wrapped and in a handled bag with the person’s name on it for easy distribution.  If a 2nd date is scheduled, items will be fired, cleaned and ready for glazing on that 2nd date.

Pencil Drawing:  If your group wants to learn how to draw something in particular, we can structure the lesson around that, or you can choose one of these options--- a) step-by-step animal drawing (choose an animal), b) step-by-step still-life drawing (we’ll set up one for your group or you can request items to be included), c) guided imagery expressive drawing (a free-flowing creative experience), d) meaningful mandala drawing, e) sectional group drawing that gets put together at the end like a puzzle (each person draws a different section of the same picture without knowing what the entire image looks like, then everyone’s drawings are assembled as the final work of art—great for team-building!) $60 per hour plus $12 per-person fee & tax, plus travel fee.*

Calculate your TOTAL like this:

( # of hours:_____ x $60 =_____ ) + ( # of people:_____ x per-person fee:_____ =_____ x 8.25% tax =_____) + ( # of miles over 5mi from Hexter:_____ x $2 =_____ ) + ( any add'l fees if applicable:_____ ) = $_____ Total Cost of Your Event

* There is no travel fee if your location is within 5 miles of Hexter Elementary, otherwise the fee is $2 per mile over 5 miles.



Pottery Painting at YOUR Location!


glaze days

Any Group Size---Large or Small---from a big Art Party to a couple of kids with their grandma, anything goes!  $60 per hour plus cost of items you choose (plus tax).  Add travel fee if your location is further than 5 miles from Hexter Elementary ($2 per mile), otherwise no travel fee.  Items will be fired and delivered back to you in about a week after your paint date. Choose items from the list below, or let us know what you're looking for and we'll do our best to find it.  Prices listed are per item (single piece).

Coin Banks---Froggy, Butterfly $26, Flower, Piggy $26, Soccer, Owl, Train

Boxes w/Lids---Fairy $26, Star, Heart, Ballet $29, Peace, Flip Flop

Pencil Holders---Plain $24, Cupcake $28, Guitar

Figurines (animals)---Cat $26, Dog $26, Dragon $28, Snake $24, Dinosaur $24

Figurines (others)---Skull $30, Gnome $36, Trophy

Platters---17" Oval, 15" Round, 9x12 Rectangle, 

Plates---Heart, Round w/Rim, Round No Rim, Square, Salad, Flower

Mugs---Plain, Latte, Peace, Polka Dot, Penguin, 

Bowls---Cereal, Ice Cream, Sauce, Egg Cup

Kitchen---Spoon Rest, Teabag Holder, Utensil Holder

Bathroom---Soap Dish, Sink Cup

Candle Holders---Sphere, Candlestick

Cookie Jars---Round Tilted, Large Canister

Ornaments---Flat, Ball, Gingerbread, Angel, Snowflake

This Page Still Being Updated!  Check Back FRIDAY!  Thanks :)


Clay Impression Plaques

Clay Handprint Plaques & Footprints Plaques in Various Sizes and Styles!

We'll bring the clay slab to your location and assist with making clear impressions of your loved ones' hands and/or feet.  We can do single impressions or family multiples.  Cherish the love you feel for your special people by creating a treasured keepsake of "this moment".  Handprint Art isn't just for kids; we do teens and adults, too.  Consider the following ways to celebrate the people in your life (including yourself):

  • Create a handprint tile each year of the same person and make a beautiful wall-hanging, mirror, or clock in a few years with all the tiles.
  • Create handprint tiles of all your special people and make a beautiful wall-hanging, mirror, or clock NOW!
  • Create a large family handprint plaque bordered with a gorgeous mosaic frame that hangs in your living room.
  • Create a heart-shaped wedding day plaque with a special message of love painted on the front.
  • Create a whimsical family footprint plaque.
  • Create footprint stones that go in your garden.
  • Create a handprint of a loved one in hospice (what a special experience this is).
  • Create a multi-part wall-hanging handprint plaque with each piece connected by metal loops.
  • Create a tabletop candleholder handprint plaque.
  • Whatever you envision, we can create!  Ask about special additions and embellishments like mosaic borders, beadwork, and hand-built sculptural elements added to your clay plaque.

PRICING: Since there are soooo many creative variables, please call Kim at 214-821-8383 to discuss the cost of your plaque project.  Plaque price range is anywhere between $100-$1200+, depending on your design preferences.  The minimum for a plaque is $100, which is for a basic round plate style with one or two small prints (or one large) and a name on the front carved into the clay; plaque will be fired, glazed the color of your choice, and fired again for that $100, plus tax and travel fee (if you are located more than 5 miles from Hexter Elementary, the fee is $2 per mile over 5 miles, otherwise there is no travel fee.)  Kim is happy to sketch out your design ideas and help you create the plaque of your dreams.  The end result will be money well spent...Kim will make sure the quality is excellent.

P.S.  Kim is experimenting with pawprint impressions by enlisting the help of her pooches, Luna and Pepe.  Will keep you posted on the results!